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Location: Shringeri

District: Chikmagalur

Type:Temple, Sight Seeing, Trekking

Distance: 52 Kms from Chikmagalur

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It is located on the banks the river Tunga and is a well-known pilgrim center. It's about 100kms. It is about 100 kms from Chikmagalur. Adi Shankaracharya, the promoter of Advaita Philosophy, is believed to have established Sri Sharada Peetha. The Vidyashankara Temple, which is located on a 3ft. plat, was built in a mixture of Chola, Dravida and Nagara styles. Sri Sharadamba Temple, another important temple worth visiting, is also recommended. Peetha offers accommodation for overnight stays and free food throughout the year to devotees. Both young and old are attracted to the river's sacred fishes.

Sringeri's name is derived form Rishyashringagiri, a hill nearby that is believed to have been home to Rishi Vibhandaka (and his son Rishyashringa). Rishyashringa is featured in an episode of Bala-Kanda in the Ramayana. Vasishtha tells a story about how he brought rain to the drought-stricken kingdom Romapada.

History of Sringeri

Sringeri can be found in Southern India. It is located in Chikmagaluru District of Karnataka. Shree Sharada Peetam is a Temple dedicated to the Goddess of Knowledge, Devi Sharadamba. It was founded by Shri Adi Sankaracharya around 8th century CE. The Temple is situated on the banks River Tunga which joins bhadra and becomes Tungabhadra. This is a tributary to River Krishna that joins in Kurnool District.

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According to sources, Shri Adi Shankarar was searching for places for the establishment of the Peetams. He eventually came across the town at the Tunga bank. It was Monsoon and the river was full of water. The Western Ghats were hit hard by heavy rains. He saw a Frog fighting on the banks the Tunga River. The frog was in labour and could not move anywhere. A Cobra snake passes through and spreads its hood around the frog. This turns it into a protector rather than killing him. Adi shankarar was shocked by this scene and decided there was no better place to set his Peetam than a place where enemies turn protector. He prayed to the Goddess and built the Temple on the banks the Tunga River.

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When you arrive at Sringeri on your Karnataka visit, you will discover dazzling plant life and natural air that comes from the shore of Karnataka. The sheer magnificence of the landscape is very something and will feel settled from the second you come here. A meager fog mists the natural mountains. The streets are as smooth as possible get. You can feel the good energy transmit through the air and fondle you with warmth and serenity.

The Sanctuaries

Sringeri likewise has entrancing sanctuaries, that are engineering wonders as well as loaded up with tales and history. On your Sringeri Sanctuary Visit, here are a portion of the sanctuaries that you should not miss:

Sringeri Sharada Mutt

You can't complete your Sringeri Sanctuary Visit without visiting the Sringeri Sharada Peetham or the Sringeri Mutt. This flawless Mutt is situated by the Tunga Waterway, making it look much more serene and peaceful. Set up by Adi Shankaracharya, the Sringeri Mutt appeared in the eighth Century. On your outing, you can stroll across the complex and appreciate the design. The Sringeri Sharada Peetham comprises of numerous structures. These constructions are generally samadhis of the prior Shankaracharyas. You can likewise discover the Master Nivas, which is a huge lobby, where Shankaracharya convey his lessons. This lobby is very enchanted, and on the off chance that you stay here for long, you will actually want to imagine the extraordinary sage conveying his lessons. It's anything but an exciting encounter. There are two principle sanctuaries inside the Sringeri Sharada Peetham. In one Goddess Saraswati is loved, and is known as The Sharadambal sanctuary while the other is committed to Master Shiva-The Vidya Shankara sanctuary

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The Sharadamba Sanctuary

One of the main sanctuaries on your Sringeri Sanctuary visit is the Sharadambal sanctuary. The features of this beautiful sanctuary is the Gopuram that decorates the horizon. This sanctuary was as of late revamped. Also, you can in any case see the new paint flying on the dividers. The principle divinity of this sanctuary is Goddess Sharada Devi, which likewise Adi Shankara had purchased from Kashmir. When you venture inside the sanctuary, you will see the Goddess sitting on a wheel, and is grasping a festoon. In this sanctuary, the symbol is comprised of Sandalwood. You can nearly smell the sweet-smelling sandalwood as you enter the sanctuary. The divinity of Sharada Devi is brilliant. She wears imperial garments, sparkling adornments and blossoms. Simply look at this magnificence and leave the sanctuary with affectionate recollections of its excellence.

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The Vidya Shankara Sanctuary

The following sanctuary that you should visit on your Karnataka visit is the Vidya Shankara sanctuary. Perhaps the most dazzling sanctuaries archeologically, the Vidya Shankara Sanctuary is an incredible sight. You will see a stone construction found right in the center arranged on a high stage. Subsequent to appreciating this excellence, enter the sanctuary to proceed with your Sringeri Sanctuary visit. Here you will discover 12 unpredictably enhanced columns. These columns are not indistinguishable, that is, the four columns found right at the corner were bigger than most of them. These columns address the 12 zodiac signs. The principal beams of the sun fall on the zodiac column as per the month we are in. Gaze toward the roof when you come to the mandapa. Here, you will see excellent lotuses and parrots cut into it. At the sanctum, you will track down a colossal Shivalinga made out of dark stone. Stories propose, that the individuals who reflect before this Linga, can see divine dreams.

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Adi Shankara Sanctuary

Inside the intricate, you will likewise track down a little sparkle gave to Adi Shankara. The dividers of the sanctuaries are painted with the accounts and accounts of his life. You can thoroughly understand him just by perusing these artistic creations. The sanctuary sanctum is gone before by a little flight of stairs. This flight of stairs has two elephants close by. This little altar is very tranquil, and you can go through some inactive hours here.

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Different Spots To See In Sringeri.

Whenever you have visited the lovely Sringeri Matha, you can investigate the remainder of the town. There is a little extension that will lead you to a thick backwoods part. This region has an authoritative structure, and you will discover the Aham Brahmasmi composed over these structures. You will likewise discover small kids presenting the Vedas as they are sitting before their Master. It's anything but a delightful and individual sight to observer on your Karnataka visit. You can likewise visit the Parshwanath Jain Basadi. This is a little sanctum for Jains. It is very hard to track down and you may very well miss it's anything but, an eye out.

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Malahanikareshwara Sanctuary

This old sanctuary is regularly missed. The Mallappa Betta slopes shrouds this sanctuary. When you arrive at the Malahanikareshwara Sanctuary on your Karnataka visit, you will track down a huge Shivalinga. The sanctuary is found right in the center of this sanctuary. This Shivalinga detoxifies your body and disposes of the relative multitude of poisons in your body. There are not many other more modest sanctuaries in the complex, be that as it may, nothing can contrast with the excellence of the Malahanikareshwara Sanctuary.

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How To Reach

By Air

There is no airport at Chikkamagaluru. Bangalore is the closest airport, from which one can fly to major cities in India.

By Train

Chikkamagaluru is connected by rail to Bangalore, Mysore, Hubli, Shimoga

By Road

Driving from Chikkamagaluru, Sringeri to Sringeri will take approximately 2 hours and 3 minutes. It will cost you Rs. If you choose to drive your own vehicle from Chikmagalur, Sringeri to petrol/diesel, the cost will be approximately Rs. 430 This is a good cruise time for a Chikmagalur-to-Sringeri drive.

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