Adventure activities in Chikmagalur Homestay

Vacations are meant to be fun and at Astagiri homestay we give you no reasons sit idle at an ideal location.
If you are in search of peace then take a walk in our estates or go river climbing and sit by the waterfall. Let out the child in you and enjoy your favorite games like cricket, fishing, mud kabaddi, mud volleyball, carrom and more. Gaze the stars at night and curl up in warmth with some music during the bon-fire.

Mud Volley Ball in mudigere Chikmagalur

Mud Volley Ball

Playing volley ball in mud is a dream of every team and if that happens in rainy season, that's really an icing on the cake. You would definitely love to play mud volley ball which we have in our paddy farm.

River Trekking near AstaGiri Homestay mudigere Chikmagalur

River Trekking

Water trekking & waterfall rock climbing is one of the most popular adventure activities that everyone loves.

mud kabbadi in mudigere Chikmagalur

Mud Kabadi

We, Astagiri Homestay provide the few yards which is essential to play one of the most energetic sport originated in India, Kabaddi. What if that sport is played in Mud?

bbq fresh fish in camp fire in chikmagalur

BBQ (Extra Cost)

Make your vacation a little more interesting with a BBQ party with your family. Food is an essential part for any vacation and why make it boring when it can fun and yummy.

Bon Fire camp in Chikmagalur


Sitting around a Campfire in the dark is one of the best experience you can have in life.

ettina buja trekking in mudigere


The name Ethina buja in Kannada means ethina-Ox Buja-Shoulders, as the peak forms the shape of the shoulders of ox. This place is at a distance of 20 min from AstaGiri Homestay and close to Abbhi waterfalls.

homemade neer dosa food in Chikmagalur homestay


A Variety of malnad style homemade foods are readily available for breakfast, lunch and dinner at our AstaGiri Homestay along with a wide range of snacks.

carom board Indoor Games to play in Chikmagalur homestay

Indoor Games

We at Astagiri homestay offer many indoor games for guests to engage with their family and friends. Some of our activities are carrom board, chess, ludo etc.

private Waterfall in mudigere Chikmagalur

Waterfall bath

Waterfall bath! What else is better than sitting with your friends under a natural shower and have fun. We at Astagiri homestay make sure you have this experience and make it a memorable one.

Cricket playing in mudigere


Cricket is a very enthusiastic game for players and entertaining for audience , everyone can play this game anywhere anytime and anybody, irrespective of age. Small court is available in front of Astagiri homestay

Homemade wine in mudigere Chikmagalur

Homemade wine

Homemade wine is a part of AstaGiri Homestay. Which is made of purely vegetables, fruits. It really boost your energy high. It is purely prepared using ancient methods so it is less harmful to your health by comparing to other.

Lagori game in mudigere Chikmagalur


We all grew up playing few wonderful & enjoyable games in our childhood. Lagori is one of those few games. Astagiri Homestay will make an effort to revive your childhood memories because this game can be very fun for both Young and Old folks.

Estate walking in mudigere Chikmagalur

Estate walk

Estate walking at morning time is very pleasant. Because of coffee & pepper estates that are covered with fog. Which makes the walk magnificent and stylish. The walk is where your family gets a life they dream about. A beautiful skyline and peacefull & prosperous life. Comfort comes naturally here.

Fishing in mudigere Chikmagalur


Fishing is a traditional pass time hobby for many. Astagiri Homestay provides this activity with all the required equipments needed for the purpose, which can be a very relaxing yet wonderful experience to be part of.

playing Badmition in mudigere Chikmagalur


Badminton is a very enthusiastic game for players and entertaining for audience, everyone can play this game anywhere anytime and anybody, irrespective of age. Daily competetion's are conducted by Astagiri homestay to increase the exposure of this game and to give great experience at Astagiri