Devaramane Betta

devaramane betta hills

Posted on Aug 17, 2020 at 1:00 PM

From the heart city of Karnataka, this divine place is at a stretch of 278 kilometres. This new recognised happening village is situated in the coffee land of Karnataka Chikkamagaluru. Devaramane hills are one of those spots that provide the glimpse of the graceful enchantment of our state. Many other amazing places are placed near devaramane hills. The journey till the hills gives a new outlook for the beauty of our state. Hidden beauty is discovered on the way. The intense richness of the Western Ghats is uncovered here at Devaramane. Devaramane is one among the classic spot for the people to release their stress and have a handy time with their kinsfolk. The morning raise of the Sun from the back of the tip of the hills is a sigh of delight. The happiness that jumps in one’s heart when we discover the unknown hidden treasure of our state.

The route to reach Devaramane is not less than an adventure as the western Ghats. The private vehicles can go and reach Devaramane in a smooth go. The public transport has no direct route to this place but we have direct busses from Bangalore till Chikkamagalauru, there are another set of busses from Chikkamagalauru to Mudigere taluk. From this place, another vehicle must be taken to reach the village of Devaramane. From Mudigire to the devaramane, the stitch is a bit adventurous, 9 kilometres of the single road followed by 7 kilometres of Curvy wave path up the hill. This curvy path has an amazing view of the canopy of trees and the background of the sky’s beautiful scenery’s which is the best spot for photography. After having those bumpy rides up the hill, to reach the viewpoint of this hill we need to trek for about 200 meters to enjoy the beautiful inanimated nature.

How to carry ourselves up there?

The hamlet of Chikamagalauru has a very chilled environment as it has the ghat section surrounding it. The culture and tradition is 50 % as same as  Mangalore and western ghats. The journey from the capital city to Devaramane is the lane that has breathtaking views, the clutch of the ecosphere, the mysterious song of the birds and the creepy noises of the insects. More coffee and tea estates can be seen around the stretch to Davaramane betta and the best-flavoured coffee and tea are got here. If you want the pure original flavour and taste of the beverages you need to visit this place.

Resources for Pleasure?

Devaramane gives the opportunity for various sports-filled with amusement and escapade. Trekking sports are available for all age groups. Bike riders have a great amusement in this path because of the roads and the families can enjoy this stretch by seeing the beauty down the hill. As we reach the curvy way, we get two deviations the right deviations leads you towards the Devaramane hills. As the right turn is taken at the right side at some distance we have the Homestays. To have the best experience of this place, a guide of the homestay in which we stay must be hired to know the hidden facts of this place. At a hidden place inside these roads, we have a private waterfall which is best for one’s peace, enjoyment and exploring the hidden secrets of Devaramane hills.

Want to discover the Unknown?

The top viewpoint of the Devaramane hills is the glorious view of the scenery. There are many small and big hillocks to be discovered near this place, the special Etiina Bhuja ( bull back hump ) this can be even viewed by the top of the Devanamae hill. The small streams of water of the shola dropped valley gushing through the green covered rocks, rushing sounds of the water stream is mesmerising. The well-known fishing camp Kapila is located at a distance of 15 kilometres from the hill. The other two show-stealers of Devaramane are the Mularahalli and Gutti. Leading the life of a village gives more peace to mind as well as strengthens one’s self-assurance. A few days spent at that original environment and culture of our country helps in enhancing the life expectations and enjoyment.

The main feature of Devaramane is the 800 years old temple of Kalabhairaveshwara. The punch lingas are the home town god of Devaramane. The early morning prayers, the aura of positivity all around. Cleans the negativity in one’s mind. The mantras chanted here to give a sensation of the electric flow of energy within the body. The smell of the sandalwood and the varieties of the flowers gives the divine feeling

The unusual fact of this Devaramane hills is that the total responsibility of this nature’s creation is taken by the trustees of the Kalbhairsveshwara temple. As seen at many other places there is no such entry fee to visit this natural beauty. The people of the temple are taking tremendous new steps to enhance the beauty of this place.

There are many such places to enjoy in our state but many have become crowded and regular places to visit, many have turned to be the chill places for the youngsters which have turned situations bad at recent times but this newly recognised place has got more of nature’s charm than the noises of people. Planning this place as a new holidays place would be the best way to celebrate the freedom of lockdown. We have faced the anger of nature by experiences the effects of this pandemic disease, lets feel the love of nature by contenting ourself with the grace of nature.  Let's love ourselves by reaching the eternal beauty hidden inside our country

Ettina buja
The term Ettina buja means ox shoulder since the peak has been formed in the shape. The hill station has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage site which conserves a huge variety of flora and fauna. Trek up to the peak in the misty weather and witness a splendid view of the western ghats. The majestic trek leads us to streams and valleys and also a chance to spot wildlife.