Ettina Buja

ettina buja trekking in mudigere Chikmagalur

Posted on July 09, 2020 at 1:40 PM

People playing with crocodiles and snakes, jumping over the high water currents, human monkeys sitting on the treetop and looking over the beauty is what we all have seen in discovery and national geographic channels. Want to experience all of this glee?  We too can enjoy these entire but at a less intensity at the Ettin Bhuja. This place needs to be ventured by all the people of our country to know the mini-land of mysterious and adventures of our fertile land. This place is near to Devaramane village. This place surprises you with its beauty, the sudden appearance of amusement and the buried stories of this land.  The Ettin Bhuja is at a height of 4265 feet from sea level.

People also call this place as Shishila Gudda. This place was named so because of its peculiar structure. The tip of this hill looks like the back of a bull or an ox. This unusual structure makes it a special one and the route up till here is an adventurous one.

But how to discover the journey till there?

Will there be a comfort zone for me?

Who is going to lead us through this place ??

Here comes brief planning that you guys can plan with the following information

We can hold on to this place in two different way. From Dharmastala to shishila we can travel in public transport as well as a private vehicle. This seems to be a long route as after reaching near Ettina bhuja we need to trek for 10 kilometres which seems to be very strain full. The other out route is from Mudigere to Etiina betta which is of a distance 20 kilometres. This is the most likely one as the trekking distance to the viewpoint is less. From Mudigere to Bhyrapura we have direct transport from there it’s a journey of just 20 to 30 minutes to reach the start point of  Ettina Betta.

This place is taken care of by the forest department. Many new facilities are introduced for the convincing of the trekkers and tourists. There is only one trekking trail is given the start point. The initiative has been taken to create a new route to the viewpoint to reduce the issues of forest fire due to the irresponsibility of the trekkers. From the past a few months, the forest department has banned the night stay at this place because the tourists had taken undue advantage of the same. Leaving these many strict instructions will be given to following to intensify the security of the tourists. A new opportunity of online booking has been started for the convincing of the tourists. Online trek booking, homestay, hiring a guide, all these can be booked prior to the arrival. They have given the leisure to choose the local guide of our choice before the trek. The impact of taking the guide on this journey will help you in upcoming all the threats.

This place can get its intensity on our mind more when we explore it during the post-monsoon season. If anyone has the wish to trek this place from the Shishila side they have to come only during the spring season, when the water currents of the tributary of  Netravati river, Kapila is at rest. During monsoon season there are leeches predominant at this place. Here goes a weird tip for u guys during monsoon season if you people come here to enjoy the trek at this place just apply detol to your body to get rid to the leeches.  Raincoats are things of emergency because there are rains occurring here without prediction.

A lot of other places of excitement are near to this place. This Ettina Bhuja is surrounded by many other hills like Deepadakallu, Amedi Kallu, Ombattu kallu ad Jenu Guide. As we stand on the top of the Ettina Betta on the right side we can see the overview of the city of Mangalore. These hills can be also viewed from the top of the Ettina Betta. We have the Shishila valley that can be seen from the top. This valley has the most amazing view of the streams of all sizes. The Shri Naya Brihadeshvara temple is the main attraction of this place. The most astounding feature of this temple is that we can hear the divine sound of Omkara whenever the bell at the temple is banged. These are a constant flow of divine cosmic vibe in this temple. The localities pray to this lord as their home town god.

Coming to the staggering surprises of Ettina Bhuja. The trek is among the wild forest. We can find all sorts of puddles pulling this way a bit difficult. It’s a bit difficult for the beginners, a lot of streams can be seen on the way to the tip. Some with the low calm flow and some with their currents reaching the knees and a few with very high wavy water. These have to be crossed but it’s risky to play at these spots. Leaving the trekking route there are a few hidden lakes in the interior of the forests. We have the wildlife ecosystem leading their lives here. Few quirky animals like Deer, brown palm civet, guar, and giant flying squirrel can be caught at a few sights here. Do not try and play as seen in the televisions as these animals are dangerous and definitely we will be locked if these animals are being hurt. The trekking is divided into three divisions.

Ø Phase of treasure

This is up till the first phase which leads us to the streams and a rocky path. This is about 800 meters and takes about 15 to 20 minutes to cross the path

The secondary viewpoint here gives you the beauty of Charmadi ghats and the features of grassland.

Ø The face of glory

This phase is filled with small cliff and rocky band which lasts for 700 meters and takes about 40 minutes to reach the back of the ox.

The view of nature gives you the feeling of conquering the world. The contentment that jumps in your heart as soon as the last step u put to reach the viewpoint is mesmerising. Nature’s expounding jewels, the pure air that enters all this feels like a reward for the efforts of reaching here. This lockdown has made us explore the inner matter in one’s family, as soon this is getting over explore the outer beauty of the mother earth and  get a new blissful start to the cleaned world 

Water Falls Trekking
The Astagiri waterfalls is a beautifull and serene cascade located amidst the forests. Less tourists and relatively a small crowd is found here making the waterfall almost private. A natural pool is made up by the rocks where the tourists can play around.