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Location: Mudigere

District: Chikmagalur

Type: Sight Seeing, Trekking

Distance: 52 Kms from Chikmagalur

Entry Fee:

Mudigere is a far off place in Karnataka, arranged in the Western Ghats which is popular for it's flawless excellence. It is only for 5-6 hrs drive away from Bangalore(Marathalli). In the event that you are wiped out with your dreary life in Bangalore and are desiring for something bold, then, at that point this is the spot for you.

Not as swarmed as Chikmanglur, Mudigere contains lavish shola meadows, shining cascades and perfect dark slopes that will leave you bewildered. Mudigere carries you nearer to the compelling force of nature and acquires harmony your brain.

devaramane betta hills

We remained in Kaantara Home-stay, which is arranged in a green valley. The proprietor here was truly useful and co-usable. The food was truly quite fiery. By and by, I would energetically suggest this home-stay for any individual who is visiting Mudigere.


As none of us could drive, we booked a 6-seater Inova from South India Cabs and began at 6 AM. The driver was truly overall quite accommodating. He talked great Hindi as well. In the wake of driving for 130 km we halted at a nice eatery for breakfast. It was past 11 o'clock when we arrived at Mudigere. The proprietor of the home stay was hanging tight for us at a spot close to Mudigere hand post. As this is a far off region, you will not get any organization in your versatile (indeed, not even BSNL). Consequently the proprietor needed to direct us to the homestay. Coming, we went over outlines of dull green igloo formed prairies against light-blue sky. The gliding Clouds seemed like white cotton. The beautiful magnificence was entrancing to such an extent that we halted our vehicle in transit just to treasure that second.

On arriving at the home-stay, we were welcomed with pineapple juice. We sprucing up, we headed towards the jungle gym, which was simply behind the home stay. The jungle gym was arranged in a valley encompassed by green slopes, directly under the immense blue sky. It was in a real sense paradise on earth. The proprietor gave us a cricket bat and ball. Playing cricket at such area was an encounter of a daily existence time. It was something that I can always remember.

In the wake of playing cricket for an hour we headed towards the in-house café. Where we were presented with conventional makki-roti, rice, vegetable curry, sambar, rasam, chicken sauce, hot chicken masala and kheer. The food was truly overall quite hot. In the wake of filling our stomach we went to a characteristic lake close by. By and by the excellence of this surreptitious lake astonished us. The water was super cold. We all were encouraged to wear a daily existence coat prior to bouncing into the lake. We went through around 1 hour in the lake and afterward headed towards Devaramane slopes.

Devaramane slopes is exactly 4 km away from the home-stay. Vehicle could take us 3 km and dropped us close to the lower regions of Devaramane. After that we needed to travel for 1 km to arrive at the highest point of the slope. 'Devaramane' is a Kannad word which signifies 'home of God' or 'Sanctuary'. The view from the highest point of the slope completely defended this name. It was heavenly and tranquil. I have ventured out to all over India however I have never been to a slope station which is just about as lovely as this one. The perspective on the nightfall from the perspective makes one's life finished. It was something that one needs to see and appreciate, it instructed me that if there is something like 'generally wonderful' on the planet, it must be our earth. We could simply stay there the entire day. The attractive perspective on the sky and cool, alleviating breeze got harmony our brains, yet additionally it gave us the boldness and inspiration for the 8-km long traveling which was booked on the next day.

Following a chaotic day, we at long last got back to our home-stay, where the course of action of bon-fire had been made. We were presented with onion squanders and potato kebabs. Subsequent to going through an hour close the bon-fire and warming us up, we set out toward supper, which was trailed by a profound and serene rest that pre-arranged us for the trip on the next day. On the following day, the most expected trip started. We needed to move through a bumpy wilderness and stroll for 4 km to arrive at the view point. We took many rest-stops in the middle as the slope was steep and hazardous. We were truly worn out yet what kept us going was the immaculate excellence of the unfamiliar fields and the strange dark rocks. The beautiful magnificence was too grand to even think about depicting in words.

Drained and hungry us returned to the homestay to fill our unfilled stomach. Before long having undeniable breakfast, we left for the cascade. You need to stroll through espresso manor for nearly 60 minutes to reach there. Obviously it was tiring, considering the way that we had quite recently completed our 8-km long journeying. Yet, on coming to there and subsequent to having a look of the shining cascade, we failed to remember everything. The water was so new and cold. Individuals were washing up in that water. There are large, level rocks close to the cascade, where one can plunk down and reflect, or even rests. We went through an hour there, clicked some truly critical pictures prior to heading back towards our home-stay.

After just about 1 hour of rushed journeying across the unknown fields, we at last figured out how to arrive at the highest point of the slope where the perspective was found. We could see the entire valley from that point. There were shades of dark and green against blue sky. The breeze was solid at the highest point of the slope, making us agreeable in the burning warmth of the sun. We went through close to 60 minutes there and liked the excellence of that spot.

Water Falls Trekking
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